Right to be forgotten


I am a company, could the right to be forgotten apply to me as well?

Yes and no. No because it is not possible to withdraw content concerning the business itself under the jurisdiction of the “right to be forgotten.” Yes because the intervention on behalf of the reputation of the managers or employees of the company contributes to its global image.

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Does Google completely delete a result under the provision of the right to be forgotten?

No. When a demand is accepted under the provision of the right to be forgotten, the content is not deleted from the internet. It continues to be accessible but is no longer visible in the results page on search engines through a search with the specific name of the applicant

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In Europe, which texts can evoke the right to be forgotten?

There are none that are definitively approved. The notion of the right to be forgotten is very recent and the scope of that right only became a concern afterwards. However, a true judicial basis could exist in the near future at a European level.

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Are image results included in the right to be forgotten?    

Yes. The right to be forgotten as organized by the ECJ is, in effect, the right to the withdrawal or personal information. An image is considered to be personal data.

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Are there any risks associated with submitting a demand for the right to be forgotten?

Yes, the risks are more or less significant depending on the problem. When following a request for the right to be forgotten for Google to delete a link from its index, Google can warn the editor of the site in question and indicate which page is going to be delisted. We know that Google does this, especially for press titles. This leads to the risk of further negative impact for the person who filed the request.

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